Monday, November 17, 2003
I Have An Excuse I SWEAR!

Ok. I didn't update BECAUSE of the fact I had to parties I had two attend this weekend! So you can't pin me for that. Heres how they went.

First I went to my friend alex's party on friday...We played putput golf...need I say more? Well we also played some arcade games were we went and racked up about 6000 tickets, enough to buy anything at the place heh.

The second was a bit better I guess. We linked up My Xbox and my friend Ryan's Xbox and played System Linked Halo (8 player) after we went to a movie and came back to chill out a bit more, there were about hmmm... 7 or 8 people there I guess it was alright. But overall they were both boring and I got absolutly No sleep well about 6 hours the whole weekend.

That was basically my weekend, I'm sure you probably don't want to hear about school because its even more boring than those two parties were. Well they were "medioker" I think thats how you spell it anyways.

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Thursday, November 13, 2003
First Time For Everything? Right?

Well I've Decided to make a blog, just to try it out...Somthing New You know? Well anyways I guess telling by everyone elses blogs on the frontpage I'm suppose to tell you about me right? So I'm going to try to do this updating thing so that I don't miss a day, BUT if i forget then like send me an email and tell me to update it and I will fill in all the blanks.

I guess I can start out by telling you my day.

I woke up because my dog was barking to go outside. Afterwards I got dressed and brushed my teeth you know the usually "wake up routine". I got to school about an hour later and sat in the cafateria and talked with my friends untill the 9:00 bell rang to go to first period. I got to stupid health class where we allways do like 4 worksheets on bullshit like about smoking and how fetuses develop.. After about 45 minutes of that I went to 2nd period (Exploratory Languages) with Mrs. Harrington, god shes so weird, we started a new language today though..French. blah blah another 45mins and i got to MATH class, I suck at math and I hate my math teacher Ms. Jodiet and I made a 70 on the test we had in there. So anyways to make a long story short it was a really boring day.

So I will either update my blog later today OR tommarrow evening after school


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Well I talk,
Too much
To myself
And I turn my back on my faith
It's like glass
When we break
I wish no one in my place.

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I can't stay
In this place
I can't stand
When the room turns round
On my fate
You give no guarantees
There's no promise I can keep.

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